Product Features

Our affordable web-based system helps you optimize the deployment of your labor resources. Intuitive screens allow you to easily forecast staff and budget requirements, automate employee scheduling, track overtime in real-time, monitor accrued time off, and comply with local, state and federal workforce regulations.


  • Define employee requirement for each positions
  • Multiple level requirement per key performance driver
  • Set template by date or by operation hours
  • Set template to department and location


  • Operation hours and estimate attendance in company calendar
  • Choose template by date and department or location


  • Yearly budget by template and calendar
  • Support multiple budget versions


  • Create by template or manually add and update
  • Auto fill employee per availability, compliance rule and employee status
  • Validate schedule for compliance rule, time off, availability and over time
  • Employee can request to drop, pick up, change or trade scheduels on employee portal and mobile app
  • Automatic notification of schedule publishing and updates


  • Check in and check out from website or mobile app
  • Realtime compliance and overtime tracking
  • Compliance rule, over time validation
  • Payroll calculation and payroll system export
  • Support shift differential payment
  • Pay rate from employee or position
  • Integrate with payroll systems.


  • Cost report by budget, template and actual timesheet
  • Real time cost tracking
  • Yearly spending forecast
  • More staffing and labor cost reports

Human Resources

  • Employee availability
  • Paid time off and accrue balance tracking
  • Non-paid time off
  • Certifications
  • Service log and points
  • Push notifications through email, SMS and mobile app


  • Real time cost report in daily dashboarad
  • Compliance monitor
  • Overtime monitor
  • Real time attendance forecast and labor optimization

Mobile App

  • Push notifications
  • View schedules, timesheets
  • Submit request of schedule change, time off and availability update